Ketosis – The Ultimate Way To Lose Fat?

Posted by Arnold Vargas on February 14, 2018 in Health |

Ketosis, a mystery term bandied about by those who have delved so deeply into the mysteries of dieting and human being physiology that everyone else, the normal people that still speak wonderingly about the advantages of ketosis diet, are still left gaping and wondering what the heck they’re heading on about. What’s Ketosis? How can you induce it within your body? What exactly are its benefits, and is it really the ultimate way to burn fat for those with the strength to adhere to its brutal requirements?

Ketosis is basically a metabolic state that happens when fatty acid oxidation is definitely raised to such high amounts that your liver can’t process all of them, and they are rather shunted into your bloodstream. This occurs if you are literally starving, with very low carbohydrate ketosis diet, and extreme stamina sports. Basically it’s what goes on if you are getting no carbs, producing a massive drop of available glucose levels, so that your body is unable to burn its preferred energy source and must instead turn to fatty acids.

When this happens, fatty acids are just partially oxidized. This causes an excess amount of acetyl-CoA to become produced, which is converted into ketones. When you get enough ketones in your body, you are in the state of ketosis. Simple, right? The whole point is that ketones are derived from fat, and causes your body to use them as a source of energy instead of glucose.

The reason people get excited is because ketones are an inefficient way of burning fat. By forcing fatty acids to be turned into ketones first before being used as a source of energy, you are burning more body fat for the same result. Second, ketosis is protein sparing. When in ketosis, your body is relying less on protein synthesis and this means less body protein needs to be broken down to make glucose. So everybody thinks: bette fat burning, less muscle break down – great! click here to get more information Pruvit Canada.

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